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Terms & Conditions of Boarding

Terms & Conditions of Boarding at Colbeg Cattery

  1. Your pet can only be accepted for boarding if it is in good health and you are able to produce proof of vaccination (vaccination card from a recognised vet, passport e.g.). Cats should be vaccinated against Feline Panleukopenia (FPV or P) (Feline Infectious Enteritis), Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR or R) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV or C), Cat-flu (Feline Respiratory Disease).
  2. New vaccinations courses must be completed 4 weeks prior to boarding. Annual booster should be given 2 weeks prior to boarding.
  3. All cats are accepted into our care upon the understanding that they are in good health. Any health conditions must be stated prior to acceptance of boarding. Management has the right to refuse any cat showing signs of illness, pending advice from a veterinary surgeon.
  4. We encourage owners to bring along any favourite bedding and toys. Familiar smells, sights and sounds will help your cat to settle in quicker. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for damage to, or loss of property.
  5. All cats must have had an effective flea & worm treatment at least 2 months prior to boarding. If either are found within the first few days of arrival, the relevant treatment will be sought from the vet and the cost added to your kennel/cattery bill accordingly, including fuel at 60p per mile (minimum £6 charge, which includes VAT at 20%) to collect the treatment.
  6. Colbeg Cattery Ltd reserves the right to seek the services of a vet on your behalf at any time deemed necessary during your pets stay. Veterinary attention either during or after your pets’ stay is at the owners’ expense if it falls outside our insurance terms & conditions, a copy of which is available on request. Your pet(s) will not be insured for any pre-existing conditions, which must be disclosed on the day of arrival. We will not be held responsible for vets fees incurred as a result of pre-existing conditions not disclosed.
  7. Opening hours for drop off & collection of your cat(s) are Monday to Saturday 10am-12pm and 4.30pm-5pm Sunday 3pm – 5pm, with the exception of the Christmas & New Year period.
  8. Charges are per night & are applicable from the day of arrival to departure inclusive. Boarding fees are payable in full at the time of departure. Customers who collect any day or days before the final date of their booking will still be charged for full occupancy. No refunds are made.
  9. 50% of the total cost of boarding must be paid on arrival for any pet booked in for more than 21 days.
  10. Whilst every possible attention is given to each pet boarded with us, it is boarded entirely at the owners’ risk, as are pets from the same family sharing a kennel/cat pen. Should we feel the need to separate them in the interest of their own safety, any vets fees arising as a result of injury due to the animals sharing, will be the responsibility of the owner.
  11. All beds, bedding, toys etc are left entirely at the owners’ risk. Colbeg Cattery will not be held responsible for lost or damaged items. We also reserve the right to dispose of any items should they become unreasonably soiled.
  12. Any relevant medication will be administered as instructed by the owners, however, we are unable to accept any liability for incorrect administration or adverse reaction. Unfortunately we can not administer injectable medication. All medication must come in the original veterinary packaging with the veterinary label, with dosage, attached.
  13. In the event of an animal not being collected 14 days from the agreed collection date, we reserve the right to take any action deemed necessary regarding future ownership.
  14. We regret we are unable to board un-neutered male cats over the age of 7 months.